Prescriptions Charges and Exemptions




People in the following categories are automatically exempt from prescription charges:

  • Young people under 19 in full-time education.
  • Everyone over 60.
  • Pregnant women.

You may also be exempt or eligible for help with charges if you receive certain welfare benefits or are on a low income. Check the back of your prescription for more information about this.

It is sometimes worthwhile to buy a season ticket for pre-payment of prescription charges. Please call 0845 850 0030 to check the cost.


NHS charges

From 1 April 2021, the charges are:

  • current prescription charge – £9.35 per item
  • three-month PPC – £30.25; this will save you money if you need more than three prescribed items in three months 
  • 12-month PPC – £108.10; this will save you money if you need more than 12 prescribed items in a year

There are several payment options available. If you choose the 12-month PPC, you can pay for this upfront, or by 10 monthly direct debit instalments.

Find out more about the prescription prepayment certificate.

If you need to access the services below, the medicines you're prescribed are free:

There is further information about prescription exemptions and fees on the NHS website